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SECTION I: RESURFACING®      COST  $295       

Aspects of consciousness addressed; Beliefs, Reality, Consciousness

In the two-day ReSurfacing Workshop you explore the relationship between your beliefs and the reality you experience as your life.  You will discover the power of your attention and its ability to create calmness, focus, and satisfaction.  You'll begin to unlock the power of your will and recognize it as a tool to direct life and handle any tasks with confidence.  Section 1 also allows you to explore whether the advanced sections are right for you.



SECTION II:  THE EXERCISES         COST $500               Aspects of consciousness addressed; Creation, Perception, Experience

These experiential exercises open a perceptual channel beyond the customary function of the thinking mind.  You learn how easy it is to perceive directly without judgment, thought, or interpretation.  This is a powerful ability that quiets the mind.  An inner peace will become the foundation of your life.  You will also restore your ability to create new preferred realities at will, while removing limiting and self-sabotaging attitudes.  Stress is replaced by a relaxed awareness.  Joy and laughter begin to surface as you realize that your life is completely in your own hands.



SECTION III:  THE RUNDOWNS         COST $1500           Aspects of consciousness addressed; Identity, Beingness, Awareness

At the beginning of Section III you are introduced to the simple yet powerful discreation technique, a method for handling beliefs that no longer serve you.  The technique incorporates all the previous learned tools and it enables you to dissolve personal limitations, old problems, and life long patterns.

You become totally confident at applying the new skill during the Avatar Rundowns.  Each rundown addresses an area of experience, belief, or attitude that may be interfering with your appreciation of life.  You can easily use the process to improve your health, self-confidence, relationships, and career, or to handle difficulties with compulsions, addictions, pains, and interpersonal communication.




The Full Avatar Course

Each of the three sections builds on the skills you have already gained, plus your own unique revelations.  As you move through the course, you will have a sense of your own self-motivated transformations and how far you want to go.

The International Avatar Course, guided by Star's Edge Trainers and licensed Masters, is an individual integration process that allows you to view yourself and your world from a place of calm presence and serene power.  From this viewpoint everything is possible.  Anything can be accomplished.


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